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Stebetojai mtgt gtrs_supercars_
Nufotografuotas La Teste-de-Buch, France
Data 2023-01-14 01:57

One of the most beautiful 600lt I've seen. I am a Mclaren lover, and a huge fan of the 600lt. This one is particularly beautiful with this blue color that makes it just crazy. I posted yesterday the replacement of this one for the owner, a red R8 spyder, but I prefer 100 times the 600lt. I've already posted a few owner's cars (gtr, gts, gt3, gt3rs, R8 performance part, R8 spyder 2019...) but this one is definitely my favorite with the gt3rs. I saw it very very often in Bordeaux (at least 3 times a week). But I preferred the pictures and the setting of La Teste. On the pictures she is always well surrounded, you can see a Ftype svr behind but also a 992 gt3 rubystar in front. Then on the other pictures you can see a 430 spider and a california. Very nice 600lt.

Automobilio detales

Maksimalus greitis 328 KM/H
Pagreitinimas 0-100 KM/H 2.90 s
Galia 600 HP
Sukimo momentas 620 Nm @ 5500 RPM
Svoris 1356 kg

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Mountainspotter  -  Prie 21:24

    Great photos, and spot!

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    FRANCE mtgt  -  Prie 12:34

    @Mountainspotter thanks 😁

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